Slab Jerky

all natural beef jerky

Lucky Beef Jerky is gourmet beef jerky. Slab Style jerky is good ‘ol fashioned traditional beef jerky. We start with big, thick slices of beef that comes from the leanest part of the animal; the round. We season these lean, tender slices with our proprietary seasonings that are made just down the road in Fremont, Nebraska. Lucky Beef Jerky is always made in small batches – the never exceed 200 lbs – by skilled artisans. We’ve been raising our own beef for generations, so you can rest assured that you’re getting premium, consistent, fresh jerky from a small farm family who gives a damn about what they produce.


slab jerky

A savory blend. It isn’t spicy or salty, it just tastes god. If you like a flavor that everyone can agree on this is your jerky. Our original blend slab jerky is the best selling jerky in our line and we’re proud of it.


peppered slab jerky

The jerky flavor most of us grew up eating. It’s a traditional, well balanced base with coarse ground black pepper that gives the jerky just the right amount of zing. This flavor isn’t spicy, but it is bold.


teriyyaki slab jerky

A very traditional teriyaki blend. We don’t use as much sugar as a lot of folks, so it’s definitely not a sweet teriyaki, but it’s not spicy. Our teriyaki flavor has the twang of Soy Sauce, with a salty zing finish. This flavor ranks #2 on the best sellers list.

Red Pepper

Red Pepper Jerky

Our Sweet & Hot. This was created from our Original profile with balanced amount of ground red pepper, crushed red pepper, and brown sugar. The sweet helps to smooth out the heat so it’s a light, clean heat that tastes good.

Texas Pete

texas pete jerky

Texas Pete hot sauce is one of the strongest brands in the hot sauce market. It has a smoky and bold flavor with just the right amount of heat. We harnessed that flavor in our premium, All Natural Beef Jerky to create what we believe is the ULTIMATE hot sauce jerky. Give it a try. We dare you.