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Commonly Asked questions:

Q:  Do you send out free samples? 

A:  No, we don’t.  Samples are a slippery slope, if you want to try our product, buy some.  If you don’t like it, let us know and we’ll work with you to make it right.


Q:  Do you really raise your own cattle?

A:  Yes, we do.  And have for a LONG time.


Q: What constitutes “Small Batch” jerky? 

A:  We make jerky in batches of 200 lbs or less.  All of our jerky is made by hand, we use some machinery to slice and grind, but all of the jerky is loaded onto racks and into the smoker by human hands.  We take a great deal of care and pride in the way we do things.


Q:  What is Nebraska Star Beef/Lucky Beef Jerky’s definition of “Natural”?  Natural doesn’t really mean anything compare to organic, does it?

A:  There is room for big manufacturers to “interpret” “Natural” on their products or packaging.  We don’t do that.  Our definition of “All Natural” is this:  We NEVER, EVER administer growth hormones or antibiotics to our cattle – EVER.