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Our jerky products provide great protein snacks for numerous Division I and professional programs. 

“CPSDA leads the way in applied performance nutrition, advocates for the advancement of performance nutrition infrastructure, drives job growth and provides members with tools to support their fullcareer development.” 

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Tired of dealing with the middle-man taking a huge cut?? So are we.

Lucky Beef Jerky has been producing some of the highest quality beef jerky on the market for the past decade. We sell our jerky primarily to Division 1 colleges and universities as well as professional athletic teams. We are making it easier than ever to get this high performance all natural protein fuel delivered right to your door. Sign up for one our jerky subscriptions and we’ll take care of making sure you’ve always got a fresh supply of amazing beef jerky to keep you fueled for your next adventure!

At Lucky Beef Jerky it really isn’t about luck.
Lucky Beef Jerky is great. First time, every time.

We raise all of our own beef right here on the plains of Nebraska. A lot of companies will tell you stuff like that in their marketing … but it’s real, everyday stuff for us. We work with a family owned butcher shop just down the road to harvest our cattle and another small Nebraska business – C&C Processing – co-packs our jerky to our specifications and seasonings that we develop in-house. We like to eat jerky, and we don’t want to eat other people’s jerky, so we make ours the best we can and we don’t settle for less.

All the beef we raise for the Nebraska Star® Beef / Lucky® Beef Jerky product lines is raised without the use of Antibiotics, Vaccines or Growth Hormones. Our cattle are fed an all vegetarian diet and finished on corn … it’s a lot like grass fed beef, but with better flavor.

We are unapologetic beef farmers and we’d love it if you’d give our jerky and seasonings a try.

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